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World Football: Trivial Pursuit

Do you consider yourself a football expert? Do you spend your free time arguing about which team has a better chance of winning? Do you have the game statistics of all your favourite players at the tip of your fingers? If these are the things that get you excited, then World Football: Trivial Pursuit is made just for you!

There is no game board, and the game works on a colour coding principle. Players have to roll the die provided, which is colour coded. The player has to answer a question based on which colour has been rolled. If the player answers correctly, they get to answer another question to rack up the points and get a card. If they don’t, then the next player gets the chance. The game ends when one player has either managed to collect six cards or has answered twelve questions correctly.

The questions range from trivia on players to teams, from championship records to rules and regulations. The game is designed for portability and works great as a travel game. The entire game is packed into a small wedge shaped box. There are around 600 questions from which you can test your knowledge of football trivia. The cards are well-designed and are of good quality, which means a longer life. A great travelling companion, you can also use this game to win new friends during your journey among fellow football fans. The game is also available in several different languages, other than English.

Marketed by Winning Moves, this game is definitely great for people who are football fans, but it also serves as a great place to initiate an interest in the game with your young children. By encouraging them to watch games and then compare their knowledge, you will be helping your child gain a lifelong appreciation of football!



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