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Zombie Dice

Fond of zombies? Do zombie films and books make up the bulk of your entertainment? If so, Zombie Dice is the game for you. YOU are the zombie and you want brains, and more brains! You have to collect 13 brains first to win but look out for the shotgun blasts that can finish you off. If this isn’t appealing to zombie and monster fans, then what is?

The game comes with 13 traditional dice, each of the six surfaces of each die containing brains, shotgun blasts, or runners in three different colours: green, yellow, and red. The colours of the dice represent the difficulty level of rolling a brain or shotgun blast, red being the most difficult to win and green the easiest. The gameplay is very simple and even newbies can quickly grasp the game and start playing effectively very soon. After all, each game lasts only for around 15 minutes, so learning the rules is quick and easy.

During the play, you as the zombie have a choice of eating brains or chasing humans. When you choose to eat humans, you roll the dice. If you choose to eat the brains, then you pass the dice on to the next player.

Zombie Dice first came out in 2010 and was published by Steve Jackson Games. Designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by Alex Fernandez, Zombie Dice evokes the feel of a monster game quite well. The fast game time allows for it to be played as a filler game or a party game. It is especially appealing to the younger crowd, who would definitely find the concept fun. Unsurprisingly, Zombie Dice has won the Origins Awards for Best Family, Party or Children's Game in 2010. So take out your plate and fork and get ready to munch on some brains!



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