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Sell Your Funko Pops To Us for £££ (Single or Bulk)

All good things must come to an end and there comes a time when you want to part with or sell your Funko Pops for one reason or another. Congratulations you reached one of the best places to sell your Funko Pop!

Perhaps you have to move house and need more room, need some cash due to unexpected bills or just fallen out of love with Pops. Or maybe a certain Pop just doesn't fit your collection.

We're here to help buy your Funko Pops!

Get in touch with the Quantic Gaming team with a list of the Pops you want to sell and we make a cash offer. If the deal goes through you send the pops to us and we pay you via Paypal upon receipt.

So next, make a complete list of your Funko Pops you want to sell and send them over in an email. We'll even pay for your postage afterwards!

Terms and Conditions (please read this)

- Tell us how much you want.

- We will not make an offer every time and we reserve every right to decline what you are selling to us without reason.

- The seller will send the Pops to us first and you will be paid upon receipt.

- The seller will be responsible for packaging up the pops securely in box(es) and you can send the parcel to us or we can arrange collection from your location. We can even arrange pallets if your collection is big.

- Any damages incurred in transit are the responsibility of the seller.

- Shipping costs are paid for by the seller first and this will be refunded to you once the transaction has been finalized.

- All pops and their original box must be in good/mint condition. Torn, damaged or dented boxes will not be accepted. Please check with us if unsure.

- As a general rule of thumb we normally buy for half the retail value of the Pop. Higher value pops will be considered on a case by case basis.

- We always check for fakes. No fakes will be accepted and any found to be fake will be immediately disposed off and reported to our partner Funko UK.

- Payment is made within 24 hours of receipt of goods. We can pay you through Paypal or Bank Transfer. We will require details after we confirm receipt of your goods.

So remember, if you want to sell your Funko pops just click the next bit -  Get in touch!



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