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Cash 'N Guns: Second Edition - Board Game by Repos Production - Quantic Gaming UK
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Cash 'N Guns: Second Edition

Unleash your inner gangster in this Cash 'N Guns Board Game. From a newbie gangster, survive the game by becoming the wealthiest gangster. In every round, each player gets to be in the shoes of the The Don. Be surprised with these three kind of gun cards --- "Bang!", "Bang! Bang! Bang!" or "Click! Click!" Receive a big bonus by collecting the most diamonds and paintings. Become the richest Big Boss and rule them all!

Box Contains

  • Rulebook
  • 8 Foam Guns
  • 18 Wound Tokens
  • 9 Plastic Base (8 for characters,
  • 1 for godfather desk)
  • 8 Character Cardboard Silhouettes
  • 1 Godfather Big Token (first player)
  • 1 Godfather Desk
  • 1 Diamond Bonus Big Token
  • 16 Power Cards
  • 64 Bullet Cards (40 "Click", 24 "Bang!")
  • 64 Loot Cards


  • Even more entertainment than the first edition
  • Hilarious art from fan-favorite John Kovalic
  • Fast-paced and action packed
  • Playing Time 30 minutes
  • The richest surviving gangster wins the game!
  • Repos Production

    Cash 'N Guns: Second Edition - Board Game by Repos Production