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Colt Express - Board Game by Ludonaute - Quantic Gaming UK
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Colt Express Board Game

Yeehaw! Hey there, pardners? Are you ready to become the greatest and richest outlaw of the Old West? Well then, grab this fun board game right now! As a budding bandit, find your ways in becoming richer each day. Rob wallets and jewelries from the honest citizens. You can even get the job done in moving trains. Be more clever enough than the marshals to avoid getting in trouble. Lay your best plans and fire your opponents in every opportunity you can get. Win this game by becoming the richest bandit of them all!

Box Contains

Contents: 6 cardboard Train Cars 1 cardboard Locomotive 7 wooden pawns (Bandits and Marshall) 6 Character sheets 132 cards (63,5x89mm) 32

  • Beautifully artistic cards and wooden game pawns
  • Detailed, 3D locomotive and train cars that you get to assemble before the game begins!
  • Origin:¬†Germany
  • Playing Time 30 - 40 minutes
  • High-quality game components


Colt Express - Board Game by Ludonaute