Dominion: Intrigue - Board Game by Rio Grande Games

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Dominion: Intrigue

As a young monarch with a small yet lovely kingdom, you have the dreams and visions of expanding your empire. Learn how to develop and fortify your kingdom. Be wise in making risky decisions, acquiring trades, and managing resources. Be wealthier each day by obtaining valuable treasures. You'll be the one to think of the best strategies ever to grow your empire. Have dominion over all with this fun and engaging board game!

Contents of Dominion: Intrigue:

  • 500 Cards
  • Storage Tray
  • Rule Booklet
  • Features:

  • Dominion Intrigue - Expansion Card Set for Dominion
  • Intrigue adds 25 new Kingdom Cards to Dominion.
  • Includes new style victory cards, underlings, and a variety of people and place cards.
  • Dominion Intrigue cards can be combined with Dominion or played on their own
  • 15 minute playing timeNumber of players: 2-4 (to 8 with base game)
  • Age of players: 8 years and up
  • Length: 30 minutes

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